Cancellation Policy & Minimum Stay at Our

We feel it is important to have a stated cancellation policy so that you, as our valued guest have an understanding of what to expect when booking a room or suite at our Chautauqua bed and breakfast.

The “season” in Chautauqua Institution is very short consisting principally of eight weeks in July and August, weekends in June and September and a few weekends in the winter.  This is the reason accommodations are in limited supply-there just is not enough time in the business cycle to amortize the debt of most properties.

Our cancellation policy is very rigid.  At the time you book your room at our Chautauqua bed and breakfast, you will be asked to guarantee your stay using a Master Card or Visa with a 30% deposit of your anticipated total.  If you cancel your reservation 14 days prior to your anticipated arrival, your deposit will be refunded less a twenty dollar service fee.  If you cancel within the 14 days prior to your scheduled arrival date your entire deposit will be forfeited.

Please realize that in exchange for the above understanding we will guarantee you the room and dates on your confirmation.  While we cannot guarantee the weather (although it’s usually great) we think we can guarantee that you will enjoy your stay.

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