Ice fishing
Ice fishing on Chautauqua Lake (author photo)

The ice fishing was stupendous this winter as scads of people escaped the confines of their homes to get outside.  The ice melted gently this year, but “ice out” is always thrilling. There is no bigger sign that spring is here, and that summer won’t be far behind. It’s definite:  spring is here and summer is near.

lake ice
Ice on the shore (author photo)

Some years, the ice crashes against the shore on windy days.  It’s eerie and noisy, and the ice can cover the roads on the lakefront in Maple Springs.

We could hear the ice crack, but the combination of sun and wind that creates the huge ice piles didn’t happen.  Nonetheless, a bit of ice accumulated on the shoreline.  It’s always a beautiful sight.

The ice is melting rapidly now and we are experiencing beautiful weather in the 60s and warmer.  The wood is piling up for our first huge fire in the fire-pit.  The light is changing.  Oh, it’s staying light longer, like everywhere, but there is something about the way the light is cast here on the lake.  It’s soft, and the trees and budding greenery look like they’re lit from within. The colors are magnificent.

sunset over the ice
Melting Ice makes a colorful sunset (author photo)

Now is the time to start planning your summer trip to Chautauqua Lake. The Inn will be open for business the first of May. Everything else is beginning to open up, too:  stay tuned for more updates in future posts.  For now, take advantage of the quiet by booking your reservations for summer and fall getaways.  Think about being on the water in a kayak, a boat, or in a chair on shore.

Our family is waiting for you and your family!