What to Expect

Enjoy a Premier Chautauqua Lake Bed and Breakfast Experience

Whether it’s for a week or a weekend our premier Chautauqua Lake bed and breakfast will make this one of the best vacations you’ve ever had!

Getting here and checking in are most important.  If you don’t follow the directions closely, you will end up lost in “the country”.  It makes a rough start to a wonderful trip.

Arrival:  As a small property, it is difficult to be on premise 24/7.  We will ask for an approximate arrival time.  It is our policy to be on premise 1 hour before and after the time you wish to arrive.  If you have a delay-please call-we are very flexible and wish to accommodate you.  As owners of a small Inn we wear many hats, it is necessary to get groceries, run errands, etc.  There is much to do.  After 20 years we have learned that things happen, we do not “wait around” for check-ins (some guests have come 2 days late).  You will be given our cell phone number so we can work with whatever time you plan to arrive.  We wish to accommodate you!

Concierge Service: You bet! We are better than hotel concierge.  As owners of the a fine Chautauqua Lake bed and breakfast are “locals” born and raised.  If you need help with anything, we can tell you how to get it or where to find it.  Buying property? We can tell you the good and bad.  Good restaurant? “sit at our table”.  Good fishing spot? Want to know what there is to do? We can fill you in on all of it-all to make the most of your stay.

Meals/Breakfast: We serve breakfast each day at 9:00 AM in the main dining room. We are very flexible and can accommodate a different time for breakfast if you arrange it with us ahead of time. Weather permitting during the summer and fall months we may do “Breakfast by boat”. Guests will have the opportunity to see the lake and have breakfast too!

Room Service: Of course if you are in need of towels, toiletries, or other complimentary items we are pleased to provide more, we do not, however provide meal room service. (Please do not confuse this with cleaning which is provided daily)

Rooms: All rooms have a private bath, queen bed, lake view, and individually controlled air conditioning.

Ordering In: You are welcome to order “take-out” food and pick up or have it delivered to the Inn, however local restaurants will only provide delivery during the summer season.  We have many great restaurants nearby, 3 within walking distance.

Things to Do: There are so many! Visit the attractions page.

Telephones: Most cell phone services work in our area with the exception of T-Mobile. We do have a phone in the main house for local calls but there are not telephones in each room.

Air Conditioning: All suites have individually controlled central air conditioning and all rooms have individually controlled window units for your personal comfort.

Law Enforcement:  Whether you stay with us or decide on another property in the Chautauqua area, PLEASE obey all traffic laws.  We have local, town, city, county sheriff, Chautauqua County Lake Patrol, Chautauqua Snowmobile Patrol, New York State DEC, New York State Park Police, and New York State Police (many of them). They all love tourists!  They all carry guns and are able to write tickets. On the up side-you are visiting an area that is one of the safest in the country.

Cleaning: You can expect your room to be immaculate.  Our cleaning staff has been with us for years. We are proud of the work they do.  Sheets are changed on request.  Towels, bed make-up, and light cleaning are done daily.

Outside Guests: the privacy, safety and comfort of our guests is our number 1 concern.  The majority of our guests are couples looking to escape the rigors of life, it is our goal to provide each and every person this opportunity.   We do not permit “guests of guests” without prior acknowledgement of both the expected length of time on our property, the number of guests, and type of occasion.   We do not allow “the gang” from the local campground or nearby cottage to “stop by” for a marshmallow roast, fishing, a pizza party or other event on the lakeshore or porch without prior arrangements. A facility fee of $20.00/person will be charged to the room of individuals coordinating such events accordingly.

Inn Tours: The photos on our website are representative of our property, rooms and lakefront.  We will gladly show our Chautauqua Lake bed and breakfast for a tour should you wish a more detailed look, prior arrangements must be made with a set date and time to allow for proper staffing.   Under no circumstance will occupied guests rooms be shown on tours… not even a “peek”.   Most Inn tours last 30 minutes to 1 hour, there is a charge of $75.00 which will be cheerfully applied to your next stay if you decide to book.

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